Email Marketing

Keep in touch with your customers

In these days of social media and instant messages, an email is almost becoming as rare as the posted letter. Or is it?

‘Electronic letters’ are still an incredibly popular medium.

Emails, delivered direct to your inbox, direct from your friends or carefully chosen companies (the latter thanks to GDPR).
We open them, read them, save them, forward them and, occasionally, buy from them.

Email newsletters take your shop window directly to the audience

You collect business cards, you connect to people on LinkedIn, you send and receive follow-up emails… but do you have a strategy? Do you ever contact people again?

You know it takes eight ‘touchpoints’ before someone buys from you? So, on this basis, one email saying “hi, it was nice to meet you” won’t cut it.

Using the right email system, you can input all your clients’ and potential clients’ details, then segment them into categories, then send them regular emails (as long as you have their permission or a legitimate reason). If they weren’t ready to buy when they met you, then at least you can keep in touch – essentially, stay at the forefront of their minds.

Let us create your email marketing for you

As long as you have a contact list (or, if you don’t, we can work to grow a list together), then I will create a bespoke email template, create the content, send it out on your behalf, and let you know the analytical data. All you have to do is answer the phone to multiple buyers!

Prices start at £299 per newsletter*

*based on a minimum-term agreement, otherwise prices from £499 for a one-off email newsletter. Details on request.

CONTACT US TODAY to discuss your email marketing requirements to help drive your sales.

Sending an email creates a direct link from your potential clients to your business.