Social Media

What are the benefits of social media?

Digital marketing in general, and social media in particular, has gained traction in recent years as the primary marketing output for many businesses.

However, in these days of brief messages, fast delivery, an overload of information and short attention spans, your marketing messages can get lost in the noise.

This is where The M Guru comes in…

Your business must have a coherent and robust digital marketing strategy in place, to make sure it is seen.

When it comes to social media, only a small percentage know how to use it properly. I can help you with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, as well as platforms such as Pinterest, Tik Tok, Snapchat and YouTube (and click on ‘Marketing’ to see the range of additional services I offer).

The M Guru provides everything from workshops and bespoke training up to a full social media management package, and everything in between!

Why should companies use social media and how does consistency help?

The majority of businesses now have an online presence.  It can form part of a multi-faceted outward-facing view of the business, and provides a sense of reassurance and authority

Outsource the post creation, optimum posting times, responding to messages and growing your audience, which will save time so you can concentrate on your business

Consistent social media management ensures that potential customers are reached, or at the very least have the possibility of keeping your business in their mind’s eye

Social media provides multiple channels for potential clients to reach you – respond to messages quickly and efficiently as the customer should always at the heart of what you do

Using a marketing agency, whether to manage your social media or to provide support, would help you keep abreast of online developments, such as algorithm changes, bug fixes or platform updates

Keeping social media and website content fresh, consistent and regular shows your potential clients that your business is active, relevant and trustworthy

Get seen online before your competitors do.

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You are the expert in your business: The M Guru will be the expert for your online presence.